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What You Need to Know For Beginning Online Blackjack

In order to win online Blackjack games, you need to get cards that add up for a total of 21. You'll have to get as close as possible without going over. If you go over 21, you automatically lose. If you get under 21, then whoever is the closest (without going over) between you and the dealer, wins. The K, Q, & J are all worth 10 points, the number cards are all worth their own numbers, and aces can be worth either 11 or 1, depending on the situation.

Obviously, the game involves chance. Sometimes you'll even have to guess. There really are no complexes strategies with online Blackjack like with other games, but you can still increase your chances nonetheless. Much of the game requires common sense. For instance, if your first two cards equal 18, there's a good chance you'll go over 21 if you ask for another card. The best thing you should do is stay where you're at---UNLESS, your first two cards are an ace and a 7. Since the ace could be 11 or 1, you could ask for another card and make it a 1.

Also, keep in mind that online Blackjack rules vary from site to site. Some dealers are allowed to do more than others. Some have specific requirements about what they should do under various circumstances. More often than not, dealers are required to stay at 17; unless, of course, one of their cards is an ace. Some of the best online Blackjack sites will also allow you to see at least one of the dealer's cards, while inferior sites won't let you see either.

You can try the game for free before playing for money. Check out internet casinos that will let you play free online Blackjack and online pokies.  Try staying or hitting on various hands to see what type of outcome you'll get.  Before you'll know it, you'll be taking on dealers for a chance to win actual money!