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Are you willing to play an exciting game known as poker? Ready with all strategies, tips, skills, experience, betting amount and a gut feeling of winning the game easily? Are you aware of all poker games, which are ready to leave you with different experiences? Poker games are popular everywhere either in online or offline form. Name any casino and you would spot various forms of poker featured on their website. Every other poker game which falls under the category of popular poker games have a different set of rules and regulation that one needs to apply in order to win.

Some of the popular poker games are listed here:

Texas Hold’em Poker: Considered as one of the popular forms of poker, Hold’em Poker offers you to play three types of game, which are Limit Hold’em, Pot Limit Hold’em and No Limit Hold’em. In a clockwise manner, dealer goes to every other player for each hand.

Omaha High Poker: Omaha High provides poker players with two types of games namely Limit Omaha High and Pot Limit Omaha High. During both of these games, you do have a limit on betting. In the case of latter, one can only bet in according to whatever is there in the pot.

Omaha High 8 or Better: Better known as Omaha Hi/lo, it is a poker game, which has almost similar characteristics like Omaha High Poker.

7 Stud Poker: It is one of the games which bring a limit on the number of players who can compete with each other in one single time and that limit can’t be raised above 8.

Stud 8 or Better: Similar to 7 Stud Poker, it lets you play with not more than 8 players.

Other than these popular games, Online Video Poker has registered itself as one of the leading poker games of online casinos.